Adriana Lopez

Hometown: Miami, Florida

On Campus Activities: Branford College Council, Branford Aide, Branford IM Secretary, Yale Taps, Yale Women’s Club Basketball, Students for a New American Politics PAC, New Haven Reads

Favorite Part About Branford: Crushes and Chaperones! Every year, Branford puts on a dance called Crushes and Chaperones which is supposed to mimic a middle school dance in that the DJ only plays popular music from before 1009. My friends and I dressed up in crazy outfits that our middle school selves would probably have worn and arrived to the dance earlier than the start time to make sure we didn’t miss any songs. I’m totally obsessed with music from the early 2000s, so this dance (coupled with Branford as a residential college with such an amazing sense of community and breathtaking courtyard) could not be more perfect for me.

Favorite Yale Tradition: The Freshman Holiday Dinner! Set in a beautifully decorated Commons, this feast made me feel like royalty for the night. As all freshman are invited to this formal dinner, I really enjoyed seeing all of the freshman class in a single space and bonding with them over a delicious and elaborate meal. With a trumpet led procession of platters of suckling pics, huge ice sculptures, and even the throwing of turkey legs into the crowd, this dinner was an incredibly memorable way to start the holiday season and end my first semester at Yale.

Why I Joined BCC: I love Branford so much that I thought serving on BCC would be a great way to serve my residential college and make Branford as fun as possible for all Branfordians. Plus, the weekly BCC meetings are hilarious and all BCC members are amazing people, so I am incredibly willing and happy to devote more time to working with other BCC members on planning Branford events.