Charlotte Desprat

Born and raised in a French family in Prague, Charlie arrived at Yale for her second long-term stay in the U.S. The first time she came to America was as a five-year old when her family moved to New Jersey for a year - the only memories she has of this were her glorious days in the YMCA and her many projects involving paint and an intricate assemblage of Cheerios. She has since moved on to major at Yale in History, with a focus on the Soviet Union and contemporary Russia, as well as studying international relations through Yale’s program in Grand Strategy. She has also gone through Directed Studies, has dabbled in Astronomy, Epidemics, and Environmental Studies, and will under no circumstances shut up about Anthropology. So please, reach out to her to talk about anything related to geopolitics, history courses, the romanticization of tuberculosis in literature, the use of geese-repelling pesticides in chewing gum, and the wonders of Eastern European black bread!

A big part of her life at Yale has involved foreign languages. Besides studying Russian and German, she also works at the French Department and has served as the Editor-in-Chief of Accent Magazine, Yale’s only multilingual publication at Yale. Regarding international relations, she is currently working on The Syrian Safe Zone Project as a U.S. delegate within the Building Bridges Global Advocacy Group, and is conducting two research projects pertaining to Russian identity-building and the Russian oil-and-gas industry respectively. This summer she will be off to Moscow interning at the Carnegie Moscow Center think tank, analyzing the changing role of France following the presidential elections.

Besides that, she also worked at the Office of Development, written for The Yale Globalist, joined a Yale start-up as Publicity Director, been part of several performances for Danceworks, and has repeatedly climbed East Rock with the determination and fervor of a squirrel having found its new home. She is excited to meet you all, and will gladly drag anyone of you to the cliffs and peaks that New Haven has to offer!