Haleigh Larson

Haleigh Larson was raised in snowy, cold Fargo, North Dakota. She’s majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, but has also enjoyed much coursework in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology department. Haleigh is pre-med and taking advantage of Yale’s resources helped her realize her fascination for genetics. During her first year, she assisted in Alzheimer’s clinical trials at the Yale Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit. Her sophomore and junior years, Haleigh engaged in multiple myeloma research as well as fertility research at the Yale School of Medicine. Achieving equality and equity in her spheres of influence is important to Haleigh, so it’s no wonder she has been engaged with the Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative for three years and served as President her junior year. Haleigh also loves to write! She has contributed her work to a global health textbook and a book on heredity. Currently, she serves as the communications intern for Women’s Health Research at Yale, where she uses her skills to improve the scientific literacy of the public. Ever curious, you can often find Haleigh attending guest seminars and events in nearly all of Yale’s departments. When she’s not in the lab, at a talk, or in the Branford Common Room reading, you can find Haleigh in her favorite setting: laughing among friends. She believes Branford has the best people and is excited to meet the Class of 2021 and welcome them to her home at Yale!