Jackie Ferro

Hometown: Nanuet, NY

Major: Film and Media Studies

On-Campus Activities: I primarily work on student film and theater. I also sing- with my a cappella group Out of the Blue through junior year, and hopefully with some other group this year! Other odds and ends include being on the staff of The Record, being a Branford FroCo and buttery worker, running the Bulldog Productions Writer’s Trust, and serving on the board of the Yale Film Alliance and Yale Student Film Festival.

Favorite Part of Branford: Surely the Branford Dining Hall. Mostly because I tend to accidentally spend hours there just eating and talking with friends, but also because it is beautiful and always a little bit colder than you want it to be.

Favorite Yale Tradition: Branford Screw!

Why I Joined BCC: I honestly don’t remember why I went to my first meeting sophomore year- probably a combination of wanting free food and wanting to work closer with BCC as a Branford CCE. But once I started I never stopped because I enjoyed it so much!