Mary Petzke

Mary hails from the small town of Hailey, Idaho. Haven’t heard of it? Most people haven’t, but Mary would be happy to tell you all about her hometown and the amazing state of Idaho. Mary is a statistics major, and she spent her sophomore and junior summers working as an analyst intern at a start-up in the San Francisco area. If you hear someone singing in the entryways or courtyard of Vandy, it is most likely Mary. She spent her first three years at Yale singing with Mixed Company, one of the mixed gender a cappella groups on campus, and served as their business manager her junior year. She also sings with the Yale Glee Club. These groups have taken her all of the country and world, with tours to Spain, South Africa, Colombia, Montreal, Bermuda, Texas, Washington, D.C., and more. If you are looking at getting into the arts on campus, talk to Mary! Aside from singing, she is also a leader in Yale Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and a Yale Tour Guide. Outside of all of this, Mary is always down to talk about the most recent episode of Jane the Virgin, get ice cream at Arethusa, have a jam session/karaoke night, or play a rousing game of Catchphrase on a Friday night. She can’t wait to welcome the Branford Class of 2021!