Michelle Hu

Hometown: Ames, IA

Major: Undecided (potentially Political Science/Economics)

On-Campus Activities: Branford College Council, Pitches & Tones, Branford Aide, Women in Government 

Favorite Part About Branford: The phenomenal community. In essentially every activity or group, there is bound to be a Branfordian in the mix. Everyone is amazing, driven, involved, and supportive of everyone else! Besides that, our GORGEOUS courtyard (and swing). There’s a reason almost every Yalie’s instagram has a picture here.

Favorite Yale Tradition: The club fair! Just kidding. The Food Conversations. Amazing access to exquisite food that’s free?! What isn’t there to like? The only thing that beats it out is the YSO Halloween Show. 

Why I Joined BCC: Student government has never been so fun. From planning super fun activities to ensure that Branford remains the best residential college, to bonding with the coolest people – BCC is the best! The free food doesn’t hurt either.