Nicolas Harris

Nic spent the first years of his life in Cleveland, Ohio, before moving to northern New Jersey in fifth grade. While some take issue with his proclaimed allegiances to various professional sports teams, he is in fact a faithful Cavaliers, Yankees, and NY Giants fan. He has also lived in West Hartford, Connecticut and the Philadelphia area where he currently resides. Nic loves playing sports as well, including club baseball and plenty of IMs here at Yale.

Nic is an economics major, but he is truly passionate about literature, film, and learning new languages. His Spanish and Portuguese are pretty decent, and he loves speaking both whenever he has the chance. Outside of class, Nic writes for the Yale Herald, and has worked on projects for Yale Roosevelt Institute’s Economic Development and Security and Foreign Policy think tank groups. He is very excited to welcome the class of 2021, and to spend one more year on Old Campus!