Stephanie Rogers

Hometown: Pleasantville, NY

Major: English/Pre-Med

On-Campus Activities: BCC (woooooooooo), Yale Daily News, Sex and Sexuality Week, Sexual Literacy Forum, Froco, Science Tour Guide, Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit Assistant.

Favorite Part About Branford: The people. I love going into the intimate dining hall knowing that I have brunches of friends or even just acquaintances who I can sit down and chat with. Our courtyard is also tremendously beautiful! Also, we have a pottery studio! I have yet to use it, but that’s my goal for senior year!

Favorite Yale Tradition: This is hard. Like really hard. I can’t choose. It’s funny I just really love the beginning of reading week. It’s this great time on campus where people slow down and take a break and you get to be with one another amongst all the stress. And then there are all the chaotic study breaks filled with food and the puppy petting zoos. Maybe that’s not really a tradition. But it’s an integral part of the college experience. The winding down of a semester and just chilling with friends.

Why I Joined BCC: It’s one of the first places I felt comfortable on my own in college. (I was very nervous my Freshen year). BCC was just such a welcoming and fun-loving environment. I could truly be myself there and not caring about anything but having fun and making the Branford community a better place to live! It can now be your home too! Also, there’s always free food. Absurd amounts of free food.