Travis Alverio

Hometown: Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

Major: Economics

On-Campus Activities: Sigma Nu, Whaling Crew, Branford IM Secretary, Branford Buttery, YUDI, YPU

Favorite Part About Branford: The courtyard, not only is it one of the most beautiful places on campus but is a perfect spot to play spikeball.

Favorite Yale Tradition: Harvard-Yale has to be the best annual event. People come to campus in waves, from Harvard students to Yale alums to people from other colleges. The days leading up to The Game are awesome and the tailgate before the game was one of the highlights of my freshman year.

Why I Joined BCC: My big sib was heavily involved with BCC which got me interested in going to the first meeting. The reason I stuck with it was the fact that BCC consists of such a wonderful group of people and it’s a great way to spend Monday nights.