Freshman Counselors (FroCos)

Freshman Counselors (known as FroCos) are seniors in Branford that have been chosen by the Dean and the Head of College to serve as residential counselors and advisers to first year students. FroCos reside in Vanderbilt Hall with Branford first years, and are an integral part of Yale College’s advising structure. In addition to serving as an advising resource, they assist with assuring the safety and well-being of the incoming class, and are supervised by the Dean. FroCos are assigned a “FroCo group” of between 15-20 students, but first years are welcome and encouraged to get to know all of their FroCo team, and to go to any FroCo with questions or concerns.

Ben Fait

Grant Fergusson

Jackie Ferro

Anthony Kayruz

Rachel Paul

Stephanie Rogers

Kugan Sivamuni

Katherine Whiting