Academic Forms

Requesting Course Overload
The Dean can approve an overload of 6 or 6.5 credits IF and ONLY IF the student has successfully completed at least 5 or 5.5 credits in a previous semester or semesters, earning a majority of grades of A or A- on those credits, and no less than a grade of B on any one credit.

Requesting Course Underload
In rare instances, the Dean can approve a course load of 3 or 3.5 course credits IF and ONLY IF doing so would not jeopardize the student’s academic progress toward accruing the number of credits needed for academic promotion. Permission is typically given if, e.g., a senior is undertaking research, an internship opportunity, or planning for graduate school or job applications, and in taking a credit underload will remain on track for graduation, but will be able to use the additional time for these other pursuits.

“Blue Form” for Professional School Courses