Becky Byler

Becky is a Ph.D. candidate in biomedical engineering and 7th year Branford Graduate Affiliate. Her research focuses on “rationally” engineering improved topical treatments for cutaneous leishmaniasis (a “flesh eating” parasitic disease). As a result, she completed three years of her dissertation research in Colombia as a Whitaker Fellow and NIH Fogarty Global Health Scholar.

Originally from Palo Alto, California, Becky graduated in 2013 from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in biomedical engineering and minors in women’s studies, chemistry, and international affairs. She also received her M.P.H. from Yale in 2016, focusing on the epidemiology of microbial diseases with concentrations in global health and regulatory affairs. Becky is particularly passionate about enhancing equitable access to medical technologies, reducing R&D barriers for neglected disease biotechnologies, and ensuring human rights-based responses to epidemics and protracted health crises. She has previously worked at the United Nations and The Carter Center. When not in lab, you can find Becky bouldering, ice climbing, or trekking/running long distances around the world. Please reach out to her at if you would like to grab a coffee or hot chocolate and chat!