Ajay Culhane-Husain

Ajay (he/him) was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is studying Economics with a concentration in Education Studies. He is especially interested in impact investing and education policy.

Beyond the classroom, Ajay is the kicker on the Yale Football team, a researcher in the Yale Economics Department, and a tutor at New Haven Reads. Most recently, Ajay led the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, where he collaborated with the university administration to develop policy with the goal of improving the student-athlete experience. This year, you can catch Ajay exploring outdoors, practicing Polish, and using his food Instagram.

Since his first-year, Ajay has been a member of the Branford College Council. The Branford community has undoubtedly been a highlight of this time at Yale and Ajay is excited to welcome Class of 2025!