Luis Leon Medina

Luis (he/him/his), born in El Salvador, currently resides in Houston, Texas. He’s a sociology major, focused on digital and sociotechnical sociology. In short, he cares about the impacts of social media and technology on everyday people.

At Yale, Luis has served as co-president of the Latinx pre-professional student organization (Sube) and the traditional Mexican folk dancing team (Ballet Folklorico). Because of his interest in digital sociology, he has also spent a lot of time researching social media, like Twitter, Parler, and NextDoor (so he’s always happy to chat about research on campus!)

In his free time, you can always catch Luis organizing Branford Tea Room, working on implementing restorative justice initiatives, hanging out with the other FroCos and members of Branford, or watching TV & movies (ask him about his favorite movie!) Since the beginning of 2021, he has also been writing a newsletter about tech & social media, movies, and life in general. He is so excited to meet and welcome the Class of 2025!