Sam Heimowitz

Sam Heimowitz is a (likely) East Asian Languages and Literature (Chinese) major who was born and raised in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. First and foremost, he’s pretty adamant about the fact that people who live in Maryland and Virginia are not “from D.C.” because they get voting representation in Congress! Aside from making that clear (sorry, he had to) and outside of Branford, the most beautiful residential college, you can catch him volunteering for CityStep, spending time at Slifka, serving as a co-choreographer for Steppin’ Out, or as the Social Media Chair for Taps- he’s been tap dancing for 15 years (check him and his twin brother out on their awesome website here: Sam also loves the color yellow a bit too much, can quote lines from too many Grey’s Anatomy episodes, reads a lot of depressing Russian literature, and never sleeps. Ever. BFA!