Isabel Oliva

I am a Radiologist at Yale School of Medicine - Yale New Haven Hospital but my medical career started a little bit more far away. I am an international medical student who graduated from a Medical school located in the NE of Brazil, at my home town. After my graduation I was not quite sure about what I wanted to do “for life” so I enrolled in a two year internal medicine residence, also in the northeast of Brazil. That is when I “found my destiny” and decided to do Radiology. I then moved to Sao Paulo to do my three-year radiology residence. During that period of time I realized I really liked the organs in the chest – lungs and heart, so I decided to specialize in Cardiothoracic Radiology. I moved to Boston to do a research fellowship program at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital followed by two other clinical fellowships in Emergency radiology and noninvasive cardiovascular imaging. Upon my final graduation I joined Yale University as a faculty member and I am currently an Assistant Professor in Diagnostic Radiology focusing in Cardiothoracic Imaging.

I chose to join Yale University because it is of course a great University but also because it allows me to teach and interact with brilliant students from all over the world. I love teaching and mentoring the youngest. I believe a mentor should be someone who has experienced situations that would help you in our life and career. It is usually someone older than you although a younger person can have had a path that allowed them to live different experiences. It should be someone that you trust and admire, someone you would like to learn more about. It can also be someone who has had a somewhat different life or career stories compared to the majority and thus can give you a different perspective of life.

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