Congratulations Branford Class of 2021!

May 24, 2021

Congratulations Senior Squirrels! You have been working faithfully towards this moment for the past four years, and it is finally here! We know how challenging the last year and a half of your time at Yale has been, and we salute you for your perseverance, adaptability, and resilience in the face of these challenges. We hope that no matter where life takes you as you leave our beautiful Branford courtyard you know our Branford community is always with you. Be proud of all you have accomplished and know that the best is still yet ahead. Remember to celebrate this time with your friends and family who supported you along the way. We wish you the best of luck and will miss you immensely – we are proud of you. BFA!

Congratulations to Branford recipients of Departmental & Other Prizes and to recipients of Branford College Prizes!