Leaving for Winter Recess: What You Need to Know

December 9, 2021

Dear Branfordians,

This email contains information related to leaving campus for winter recess and some information regarding returning to campus in January. Please read this carefully.

Student rooms and University-operated annexes must be vacated by Thursday, December 23rd at noon and may be reoccupied beginning at 9am on Friday, January 14th. Please go into the online housing portal now to select the date you plan to leave campus. You will have the ability to change this date at any time should your plans change.

Please remember that guests, including family members, are not permitted to enter the college at this time.

Before You Leave
Students must close windows, turn off lights, and unplug all appliances except for refrigerators. Kindly remove items stored on top of radiators and move objects up against radiators that may restrict the flow of heat. Please turn radiators down, but not off. Please be sure to lock your door.

Students must remove bicycles from areas that will need to be plowed if it snows.

In-suite bathrooms will be cleaned as well as shelves in hallway bathrooms. Students will need to remove all personal items from in-suite bathrooms.

Students should take all valuable items home. Be sure to check to make sure you have your key, ID, passport, or other important documents you may need for travel.

Trash should be appropriately separated and discarded in the trash areas for each college.

Checking Out
As you leave your room for recess, all students are required to check out using the online housing portal. Once you complete your check out, you’ll be prompted to choose a move-in date for January. You’ll need to choose a date between January 14-17th (a timeslot will not be required, you can arrive at any time on those dates). You’ll have the ability to change the date at any time in the online portal.

During Winter Recess
During recess, student electronic access to gates and entryways will be deactivated.

The Facilities Control Center will monitor and control the temperature in all student rooms in the Residential Colleges and Old Campus. Please note that university and contracted workers may enter student rooms during Winter Recess to complete scheduled and/or emergency repairs. Fire Marshals will be entering every room to check for fire safety hazards.

Intersession Student Housing
If you are approved for Intersession Housing, further information will be emailed to you prior to the end of the term.

If you will not be in residence during the Spring 2022 Term
You must remove personal belongings from your room and return all keys to the Head of College’s Office by noon on Thursday, December 23rd. (Any other arrangement must be made directly with the Head of College office). Students will be bursar-billed for any missing furniture and/or dirty rooms.

Please email susan.obert@yale.edu or joan.dempsey@yale.edu if you have any questions.

~Branford Head of College Office