Alara Degirmenci


Alara is a computer science major who was born and riased in Istanbul, Turkey. You can find her getting involved with anything that is related to Branford from Branford College Council to Branford Tea Room to being Branford’s YCC Senator. When she is not enjoying Yale’s most beautiful residential college (hint: Branford), you can find her at CEID doing crafts, 3D printing, and also sometimes studying. While she enjoys cooking and baking all kinds of stuff on her own when at home, when on campus she loves to explore New Haven’s countless restaurants featuring the world’s cuisines. She will also give up everything to discuss which ice cream shop is the best in New Haven. Outside of Branford, Alara is the co-social chair of Float, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and a member in the organizing team of YHack. BFA!