Dining Team

Joyce Brown
Desk Attendant/Pantry Worker
Years of Service at Yale: 12
Time in Branford: 7 years
Lives in: Hamden
Fun Fact: Joyce used to own an amazing soul food restaurant in New Haven for three years! She loves to cook and bake for special events, and she has made some cakes that are better than Cake Boss! She loves to share her amazing work so ask her to show you her great cakes.

Naimah Covington
Transit/Fellow Cooks Helper
Years of Service at Yale: 13 years
Time in Branford: 1.5 years
Lives in: New Haven-Hamden town line
Fun Fact: Naimah has been in the international society of poets for over 22 years now. She is also an accomplished poet with her very own published poem! If you ever want to discuss poetry, make sure to reach out to her.

Pamela Dear
Pantry/Desk Attendant
Years of Service at Yale: 17
Time in Branford: All of her time has been in Branford! She is a Branford lover through and through!
Lives in: New Haven
Fun Fact: Pam’s an artist, and she focuses primarily on abstract paintings! In 2009, the YDN published an article on her amazing paintings and her artistry. She loves talking about art so feel free to ask about her paintings whenever you see her in the dining hall!

Geoff Raab
Years of Service at Yale: 3 years
Time in Branford: 6+ months
Lives in: North Branford, a true Branfordian at heart!
Fun Fact: If you need to talk to someone about sports, this is the guy! Geoff loves sports, especially baseball. He has been to over 20 major baseball stadiums and his favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles. When you see him, tell him thanks for his work to keep our dining hall going!

Malcolm Pina
Cook’s Helper
Years of Service at Yale: 14
Time at Branford: 12 years
Lives in: Whalley Avenue, New Haven
Fun Fact: Malcolm loves music of any genre! His only requirement for songs is that they have a good rhythm and beat. In middle school, he was a musician in the mello percussion session. He was selected to be a student in a musical program with free private lessons to further hone his skills. He is our in house DJ at the dining hall! If you ever enjoy a song, tell him thanks for his impeccable music taste!

Love Monk
Cooks Helper
Years of Service at Yale: 10 years
Time in Branford: 4 years
Lives in: Hamden
Fun Fact: Love is a self admitted gambler and she’s proud of it! Her favorite games are blackjack and poker, and she is a consistent winner. In terms of dining, she did not expect to fall in love with it, but she absolutely loves being here! She loves helping Branford students (and students in general) and helping to make sure we have the best dining experience. Whenever you see her, say hi and tell her thank you for her dedication!

Heather Tapper
General Manager
Years of Service at Yale: 4 
Time in Branford: 3.5 years
Lives in: Clinton
Fun Fact: Heather was interested and explored the realm of archaeology in college. She applied to an internship through UCLA to become part of an excavation team in Guatemala. They worked on a Mayan campsite and unearthed skeletons, artifacts and even charcoal from old fires! All of these artifacts can be found in the Belize Museum! If you ever want to discuss archaeology, feel free to reach out!

Robin Ings
Pantry Worker/Desk Attendant
Years of Service at Yale: 4 years casual, just under a year permanent
Time in Branford: Her entire time at Yale!
Lives in: New Haven
Fun Fact: Robin loves to cook! When she’s home, she loves to cook in large quantities for lots of people, which is why she loves working in Branford Dining Hall so much. She has some amazing home-made recipes from potato salad to banana pudding (her favorite dessert!) If you ever want to spice up your recipes or need some delicious new meals, reach out to Robin!

Oneal Galloway - 3rd Cook

Mark Cavallaro - 2nd Cook

Briana Waller - 3rd Cook

Theresa Silvernale - Cook’s Helper

Stephan Carmichael - Cook’s Helper

Josh Villanueva - Pantry Worker

Alanna Murray - Pantry Worker

Tanya Velez-Loor - Pantry Worker

Tenzin Norlingtsan - GSA

Ed Trimble - GSA

Employee Spotlights:

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