Resident Fellows

James Rothman and Joy Hirsch
James Rothman is the Sterling Professor and Chair of the Department of Cell Biology in the medical school. He is a graduate of Branford College. At Yale he studied physics, and received his PhD from Harvard in biochemistry. He received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2013 in recognition of his research in cell biology. His current research concerns the mechanism of synaptic transmission in the brain. 

Joy Hirsch is the Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Chair in Psychiatry and also professor of Neuroscience and Comparative Medicine. Her research in the field of cognitive neuroscience is internationally recognized. Her current research focuses on the fundamental basis of social interactions revealed by imaging of the brains of people engaged in interactive social tasks. They hold frequent “Science Conversations at Mory’s” dinners for Branford students each focused on a topical issue for science and society. They are also happy to advise Branford students on scientific research opportunities at Yale.

Stephen “Steve” Blum
Steve Blum is Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives (Yale/YAA). Steve is also a graduate of Yale (Branford, BA/Economics) and parent of Branford alumni Rebecca and Max. After graduating, Steve got his Master’s degree in Accounting from NYU/Stern. Before coming back to Yale a few years ago, Steve (a CPA) was a partner at KPMG and then Managing Director at Burnham Financial Group. He loves traveling, racket sports, games-playing, and reading Sci-Fi and alternate histories.