Practice Room

Located adjacent to the Game Room downstairs from the Common Room, Branford’s Practice Room is soundproof with a baby-grand piano. Please complete this form if you would like card access to this space. To reserve the practice room, please visit

We have additional pianos for your use in the Common Room, Dining Hall, and Small Dining Room. No reservations required for the Common Room or Dining Hall pianos. 

For Fall 2021, please pay special attention to the guidelines for use of Practice Rooms in the Residential Colleges:

Unvaccinated individuals may only use these spaces if no one else is in the space (solo use). After use, unvaccinated users should put a note on the door to allow a 15-minute vacant rest period to allow aerosols to disperse.

Vaccinated individuals may use these spaces if no one else is in the space (solo use) with no additional restrictions.

Use of these spaces by more than one individual requires everyone present to be vaccinated, asymptomatic, and masked at all times. Wind instruments must use slitted masks and bell covers. Follow the protocols posted at Fall 2021 COVID Policy for Performing Arts.