Branford Aides

The Head of College Office at Branford College has a staff of wonderful Aides who work in the Office and can help students with anything from handing out keys to reserving rooms. Contact them directly via email at, or drop by the Head of College Office during business hours (9am-5pm weekdays). You’ll also see them hard at work at most Branford events. To learn more about our Aides, click on their links below. Our Head Branford Aide for 2021-2022 is Ethan Michalowski.

Alara Degirmenci, ‘22
ebastian Duque, ‘24
Nneka Ezera, ‘22
Natasha Ghazali, ‘22
Tony Hao, ‘23
Sam Heimowitz, ‘23
Julia Hontaruk-Levko, ‘23
Emma Knight, ‘22
Byron Ma, ‘23
Ethan Michalowski, ‘22
Alyssa Michel, ‘24
Helen Mooney, ‘22
Ruby Park, ‘22
Olivia Schlaepfer, ‘23
Hamera Shabbir, 24
Wen Long Yang, ‘22 (on leave)