Zach Moynihan

Zach ‘25 is a Neuroscience major and pre-med from northeast Massachusetts. Apart from Neuro, Zach has a certificate in French and is pursuing one in Education Studies. Outside the classroom, Zach volunteers at Connecticut Hospice, tutors at a local middle school, conducts research in a neurosurgery lab at the med school, and sings in the choir at St. Thomas More. He is also the president of YNEURO, Yale’s neuroscience club, and edits for L’Amuse-Bouche, Yale’s undergraduate French-language journal. In his free time, Zach loves to run, play Sudoku, and lounge in the Branford Courtyard.

During the past three years, Zach has gotten to know Branford as a Buttery worker and a college aide. This year, he is very excited to welcome the new class of Branfordians as a FroCo!