Gavin Guerrette

Hey Branford class of 2028!

My name is Gavin (he/him) and I am one of your Branford FroCos. I am a Humanities major from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. In my time at Yale, I’ve written for a few publications, edited the YDN Magazine, DJed a WYBC show, worked in the Buttery and collections maintenance at Sterling Memorial Library, and side-hustled as a freelance photographer.

In my free time I enjoy reading (I love classic American lit), going to the YUAG and museums in NYC, listening to music (I always have headphones on), playing chess, and spending time with friends. I love hosting in my suite and listening to vinyl records. I’m really passionate about photography and writing. In addition to writing short stories, a favorite hobby of mine, I have become deeply interested in documentary, which will be the focus of my senior thesis.

I’m super excited to meet you all! If you want to get in touch, please email me at