Branford College Council

Branford College Council meetings happen every Monday at 10pm in the Trumbull Room and are open to all Branfordians.

Dearest Branford,

We’re so excited to welcome you into Branford College, the best college at Yale! We are your Branford College Council (BCC) Executive Board for 2022-2023, and we are all looking forward to what this year has in store for Branford. BCC’s role is to organize Branford-wide activities and events, along with helping address any concerns or issues that arise in the college community. Our activities range from dances like Branford Swing and Crushes & Chaperones, fun courtyard festivals with food, mucis, and games like Fall Festival or I-Day (Branford Independence Day). We also organize smaller activities such as trivia nights, movie screenings, assassins, and the infamous easter egg hunt. We also organize off-campus trips to go skiing, apple picking, and many other exciting activities. Also, lots of ~free food~ along the way!

But even beyond all of those events, the most important part of BCC is that everything we do is up to the Branford community! We welcome any and all ideas from anyone in Branford, from reasonable ideas like a pinball tournament on our Branford pinball machines to ridiculous ideas like having Pitbull come to our weeknight Tea Rooms. Our weekly meetings are open to everyone, and we encourage you all to stop by at least once to meet other Branfordians and enjoy some delicious food.

Beyond planning activities and events, BCC meetings are also a place to discuss and consider the culture, values, and community in Branford. Topics like school policy, sustainability, inclusion, community service, the dining hall, Branford facilities, and more are frequent topics at BCC meetings. There are opportunities for formal positions (i.e. class representative) in BCC, but most people attend for the camaraderie and fun. Also, you do not need any position to make an impact on BCC or planning an event. BCC is a place where anyone can spearhead ideas and events they are passionate about, regardless of how big or small it is.

We are so excited for the upcoming school year, and we hope that you will all join us on Monday nights at 10pm in the Trumbull Room! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, ideas, concerns, or if you just want a new friend :) We love Branford, and we know that you will too!


BCC Executive Board:
Brenda Kim and Ushuu Namarra
Vice President: Betty Kubovy-Weiss 
Secretary: Lizzie Greenberg
Treasurer: Josie Jahng
Social Activity Committee (SAC) Chairs: Daniela Chaclan and Kawthar Al Janabi
Meet them here!

BCC Constitution