Branford College Council

Hey Branford!

We are so excited to be your Branford College executive board for 2020-2021! BCC works throughout the year to organize Branford-wide events and activities. We usually have a good balance of larger events- big dances like Branford Screw and courtyard celebrations like I-Day- and smaller (sometimes weirder) activities like a Spikeball tournament, an Oscars screening party, and Branford Speed Dating. The rest of the events are up to you! We welcome all suggestions and will help you fund/organize any events you want to host for the college. 

During our weekly BCC meetings, we also often explore and envision the larger values of the Branford community. BCC plays a vital part in making Branford a fun, safe and welcoming space. That could mean debating Branford-specific issues like whether or not our dining hall should have a Senior Table, conveying our thoughts on school policy to our YCC representatives, or voicing our opinions about how to make life at Yale more enjoyable (all while enjoying delicious food).

We’re excited to see what 2020-2021 has in store, and we hope you’ll come share your ideas with us. If you’re interested in helping decide what will happen in Branford College this year, come join us in the Trumbull Room on Monday nights! There will be spirited conversation, free food, and also maybe some productive college-council-ing. Everyone is welcome!


BCC Executive Board:
President: Akhil Rajan
Vice President: Mary Chen
Secretary: Hilary Griggs
Treasurer: Wesley Day
Social Activity Committee (SAC) Chairs: Olivia Schläpfer and Kai Shulman

BCC Constitution