Art Exhibition Spaces

Merriman Student Gallery

John Merriman was the Charles Seymour Professor of History at Yale.  He joined the Yale faculty in 1973 and over the course of his career, became a world-renowned  and highly respected scholar of French history.  John received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Scholarly Distinction from the American Historical Association in 2017. 

John served as the Branford Master from 1983 to 1991.  During his tenure, he made lasting marks on the culture and community of the college.  John passed away in 2022, and Branford College has begun the process of converting his office into the Merriman Student Gallery.

Student Exhibit Cases

Branford College welcomes opportunities to show the artistic works of our incredibly talented students.  This includes paintings, photographs, postcards, posters, and more.  We have student exhibit cases throughout the college and ensure they feature work from current students.