Branford College Senior Prizes 2020

We congratulate the recipients of the Branford College Senior Prizes and Awards for 2020. 

Susan J. Smith Arts Prize
Monique Baltzer

Established to honor Susan J. Smith, the first associate master of Branford College (who lived in Branford with former Master Steven Smith from 1996-2011), this prize is awarded for outstanding contribution in the Arts. 

Norman S. Buck Prize
Eric Brauener and Michelle Hu

Established to honor Norman S. Buck, B.A. 1913, who was the second master of the college (1943-1959) and a scholar of political economy. This prize is given to the member of the senior class who is judged to have made an outstanding contribution to the social life of Branford College. 

George A. Schrader, Jr., Prize
Christina Pao

Established in honor of George A. Schrader B.D. [Bachelor of Divinity] 1942, PhD 1945 the third master of the college (1959-1966). Schrader was a leading authority on the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, as well as a mentor to an entire generation of American philosophers. He was known for his readiness to listen and to advise, and for never being too busy to help. The award is given to the member of the senior class who most exemplifies these values. 

William Zinsser Writing Prize
Walker Caplan

Established in honor of William Zinsser, who was the fifth master of the college (1973 to 1979) and legendary teacher of writing, both to Yalies through his classes and to millions of readers through his books, most notably On Writing Well. The prize goes to Branford’s most outstanding writer.

The Branford Fellows Prize
Carmen Clarkin

The Branford Fellows Prize is awarded to a senior who has had an especially positive influence on the environment of Branford College. 

Branford College Award
Jessica Trinh

Our last award goes to the senior considered to have made the most outstanding contribution to the overall quality of life in Branford College through significant service to the college.