Computer Room

Branford’s computer room is located in the basement between the Buttery and Entryway M. Equipped with both PC’s and Mac’s, the computer room also has a laser printer and copier for your use. The equipment is maintained by Student Computer Techs and is open 24/7 to Branford students (just swipe your ID card).

Student Techs work on software and hardware problems with students’ personal computers. Cluster Techs support the public computer clusters and printers, including the ones in the colleges. Media Techs provide support for the audio and video equipment available for checkout in Bass. STC Developers create and maintain software for the University.

For emergencies or routine help, students can always contact our Technology Troubleshooting Office in Bass (2-5242) for assistance or email
At this time, our Computer Room will be closed for the Fall 2020 semester.  A printer can be found in Branford’s Game Room.