Jane Taylor

Dr. Jane Rebecca Taylor is the Charles B.G., Murphy Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at Yale University School of Medicine and Yale University. She is an expert in behavioral neuroscience with interests in decision-making, learning, memory, and motivational processes that relate to addiction, alchoholism, depression, stress and other psychiatric diseases. She received her undergraduate training at the University of Sussex and her graduate training at the University of Cambridge, UK. Her laboratory in the Division of Molecular Psychiatry at Yale combines sophisticated behavioral analyses. Dr. Taylor’s research program aims to integrate translational and basic neuroscience approaches to understanding mental illness through collaborate research. Her key findings have been on topics such as decision-making, inhibitory control, habits, motivation, memory and reinforcement learning, the role plasticity-associated signaling mechanisms in frontal limbic-striatal circuits, and the impact of sex differences on behavior and in normal and pathophysiological states.