Prize Recipients- Departmental and Other

Adrian Van Sinderen Senior First Prize for the collection titled “Towards Liberation: Intersectional Queer Literature”
Al Larriva-Latt

Howard Douglass Moore Prize for excellence in the field of chemistry
Athena Flint

David Everett Chandler Award for the Senior who has best exemplified the qualities of courage, strength of character, and high moral purpose which were characteristic of the life of David Everett Chantler
Anna Smist

Edgar J. Boell Prize for excellence in senior research, for their essay “Renalase: a multi-functional signaling molecule with roles in gastrointestinal disease”
Thomas Pointer

Ellington Prize for the best senior essay in Finance, entitled “Should Central Banks Lend to Local Governments in Times of Crisis? Evidence from the Federal Reserve’s Covid-19 Municipal Liquidity Facility”
Rohan Garg

Wrexham Prize in Music for a Senior who, as a performer, has best exemplified the standards of Quincy Porter.
Lisl Wangermann

Max Bildner Prize in Latin American History for their essay “The Condor and The Eagle: School of Americas and the History of Counterinsurgency in the Southern Cone, 1960-1980. Este trabajo esta dedicado al Coronel Pedro Aguerre y a la memoria de Hector Gutierrez Ruiz, ejemplos de valentia y compromiso hacia la justicia y la libertad”
Lica Lima Porcile

Edward O. Lanphier Memorial to a Senior in Engineering and Applied Science who has a superior accomplishment in the fields related to electricity and its applications and who has demonstrated initiative in the field of research
Agasha Ratam

Lloyd Mifflin Prize for outstanding work in English entitled “ ‘I lived and breathed and learnt by rote’: Literary Accounts of Order and Reading in the Colonial Girls’ School”
Maya Pasic

Canadian History Prize for their essay “From Dorchester Street to Boulevard Réne-Lévesque: Remapping and Rebranding Montreal as a Quartier des Spectacles” 
Alex Reedy

L.C. Lichty and E.O. Waters Prize in Mechanical Engineering to a Senior in high scholarship and original research
Clarence Rodgers

Bach Society Prize for a graduating senior who has demonstrated a high level of musicianship and has contributed significantly to the musical activities on campus
Vivian Mayers

John Chester Adams Intercollege Debate Prize
Akhil Rajan

Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize for a Senior dedicated to public service, who has exemplified warmth, fairness, and compassion, and shows promise for moral leadership in the public sphere
Yeama Ho

Louis Sudler Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts
Lisl Wangermann