Vic Tolentino, JD, MPH, NP

Consultant, Global Health & Risk Management
Adjunct Clinical Instructor, New York University
I am a double-boarded psychiatric and family nurse practitioner, who also trained in law and public health. In addition to my clinical work, I am a consultant to national and international organizations, and have in-depth knowledge of capacity building, global public health, healthcare regulation and risk management. Combined, I have over twenty years of experience in healthcare.
During graduate school (YSN), I was a Branford graduate affiliate and was also an affiliate of the Yale World Fellows Program.
Travel is my passion, having been born in the Phillippines and raised in Nigeria until the age of 15. My travels have taken me to all continents except for Antarctica, with many more places on my wish list.
I’m happy to be a resource on career decisions relating to law and/or health in the US and abroad. I am also committed to helping international students with their transition to life in the US, so if you are a Branford international student, please contact me.
I can be reached at