Kathleen Quaintance

Kathleen QuaintanceI’m Kathleen and I am a PhD student in art history. I love art and sharing this love with other people! I’d characterise my work as very interdisciplinary, so I’m excited to meet and learn from a range of majors at Branford. I did my master’s at the University at Oxford in women’s, gender and sexuality studies and my BA at Sarah Lawrence College in art history and studio art. My current research focuses on modern(ist) visual culture & 20th-century debates about the status of art versus craft. I’m keen on developing an embodied research practivce by practicing and studying craft and design in tandem, in order to expand the ways in which we produce academic work about material culture. In the past, I have worked as a craft teacher, so I am thrilled to be in a space such as Branford with its studio resource. Outside of crafty pursuits I love reading queer theory, swimming, writing letters, making playlists, reading tarot, picnics, and biking. Please feel free to reach out at kathleen.quaintance@yale.edu.