Keith Light

I came to Yale as an Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions in 2011, after serving on the admissions staffs at Brown, Princeton, Stanford (my alma mater), and Harvard, where I received master’s and doctoral degrees in higher education and worked closely with students as an assistant dean of freshmen.

My admissions travels through the years have taken me to more than thirty U.S. States, but for Yale, most of my travel requires an up-to-date passport with pages full of visas. I am responsible for recruitment in a number of countries, including Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia, Russia—and all the United World Colleges. I then have the privilege of reading the applications from all of those territories!

I always enjoy talking with students about the world of admissions and student affairs—and about their experiences as undergraduates. When I’m not in another hemisphere spreading the word about the joys of attending Yale, I can be found at 38 Hillhouse Avenue, which some of you may recognize as the admissions office address.  I can always be reached at