George Sabatakakis

George SabatakakisGeorge is a first-year MBA student at the Yale School of Management. He was also an undergrad at Yale College, graduating in 2021 from Branford with a BA in Statistics & Data Science and Economics. His coursework mainly focused on Econometrics, with his senior thesis exploring voting behavior in his home country of Greece. Following his undergrad studies, George moved to Boston, where he worked as a Private Equity Analyst at Partners Capital, a global investment office, and underwrote PE and VC funds for the firm’s clients. Going forward, George hopes to pursue a career in investment management or infrastructure PE, helping to finance large-scale infrastructure projects with huge societal impact.
George is an international student from Greece, having been in the US for the past 6 years. He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and spent most of his childhood in Athens. Outside of school and work, George loves learning about geography, archeology, and architecture. He is an avid fan of the outdoors, having been a boy scout for more than 15 years. George also enjoys traveling to new cities and exploring everything about their history.
He is excited to rejoin the Branford community and is looking forward to being a valuable resource to everyone! He is always more than happy to talk about life at Yale, academics, recruiting, and navigating the challenges of being an international student in the US. He can be reached at