Jay J. Ague

Professor of Geology and Geophysics

I study fluid flow, chemical reactions, mass transfer, and heat transfer in Earth’s crust and upper mantle, with a focus on the metamorphic and igneous rocks comprising the deep roots of mountain belts. Our research group integrates fieldwork, chemical and isotopic analyses of rocks and minerals, and numerical simulations. Example research areas include: heat and mass transport by fluid flow through porous and fractured rock; timescales of orogenic events; fluids and arc volcanism; the impact of subsurface fluids on rock rheology and earthquake hazardds; geohydrology; the genesis of economic mineral deposits; the global carbon cycle and processes that release and transport greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in Earth’s crust; and carbon sequestration. I have led or participated in geological research expeditions to numerous places around the globe including British Columbia, California, Greece, New England, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, Spitzbergen, and Washington State. I was the Senior Editor of the American Journal of Science from 1998-2008, am currently on the Editorial Boards of Chemical Geology and the American Journal of Science, and have served on the Editorial Board of the journal Geology. I am also Curator-in-Charge of Mineralogy at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, a position encompassing museum exhibits, mineralogical research, and public outreach and education programs.

I can be contacted at jay.ague@yale.edu.