Jonathan Chernoff


Name:  Jonathan Chernoff, M.D., Ph.D.
Address:  Fox Chase Cancer Center
                     333 Cottman Avenue, W455
                     Philadelphia, PA 19111
Phone: (215) 728-5319
Fax:       (215) 728-3616
Lab website:

1984 - M.D, Ph.D.    Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Medical Scientist Training Program (Discipline: Biochemistry)
1978 - B.A.                  Yale College (Discipline: Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry)
2021 - present         Cancer Center Director, Senior Vice President, Fox Chase Cancer Center; Senior Associate Dean for Cancer Research Programs, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
2010 - 2021             Scientific Director, Senior Vice President, Deputy Cancer Center Director, Fox Chase Cancer Center
2008 - 2010             Vice President, Deputy Scientific Director, Fox Chase Cancer Center
2008 - present         Stanley P. Reimann Chair in Oncology Research, Fox Chase Cancer Center
2004 - present         Adjunct Professor, Drexel University School of Medicine
2002 - present         Professor (senior member), Fox Chase Cancer Center
1999 - present         Co-Director, Cancer Biology Program, Fox Chase Cancer Center
1996 - present         Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
1996 - 2002             Associate Professor (member w/tenure), Fox Chase Cancer Center
1991 - 1996             Assistant Professor (associate member), Fox Chase Cancer Center
1988 - 1991             Postdoctoral Fellow (Erikson lab), Department of Cellular & Developmental Biology, Harvard University
1988 - 1990             Clinical Fellow, Hematology/Oncology Department, Beth Israel Hospital
1987 - 1988             Clinical Fellow, Department of Medical Oncology, The Johns Hopkins Oncology Center
1984 - 1987             Resident, Department of Internal Medicine, University Health Center of Pittsburgh
2023                         Associate Fellow, Branford College, Yale University    
2021 - present     FWO Review College (Belgium)
2019 - 2021            Selection Committee, AACR Outstanding Investigator Award in Breast Cancer Research
2018                         Co-Chair, AACR Annual Meeting Program Committee
2017                         Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
2017                         Chairperson AACR Gertrude B. Elion Cancer Research Grant Scientific Review Committee
2016                         Co-Organizer, Celebrating AKT Symposium
2016                         Senior Faculty Award, 4th Annual Temple Translational Science Symposium
2016 - 2022          Member, Interurban Clinical Club
2014                         AACR, Educational Session Leader
2013                         Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute, Drug Discovery Award
2011 - 2012            Chair: NF2 Preclinical Consortium
2010                         ACS Scientific Research Award, Southeast PA Region
2010                         Russian Academy of Science, Conference on Gene Expression, session leader
2010                         NF Conference, session leader
2008 - 2011           Senior Fellow, American Asthma Association
2008 - present    Member, The Kinome Virtual Academy of the Targeted Proteins Database
2007                        Dozer Lecturer, Ben Gurion University
2005 - present   Member, Faculty of 1000
2007                        Chair, Gordon Conference “Mechanisms of Cell Signaling”
2006                        Vice Chair, FASEB “Small G Protein Networks in Cell Dynamics”     
2005                        Vice Chair, Gordon Conference “Mechanisms of Cell Signaling”
1997 - 2002          Leukemia Society of America (Scholar)
1993 - 1998           American Cancer Society Research Scholar
1993 - 1996           W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Fellowship
1996                         Pfizer Traveling Fellow Award
American Board of Internal Medicine
Subspecialty Board – Medical Oncology
Medical License – Pennsylvania
U.S. Patent 11,240,996 B2 “Mice with transgene of iBox peptide inhibitor of Group B p21-activated kinases”

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Golemis E.A. and Chernoff, J. Editors, Analysis and Manipulation of Intracellular Signaling Cascades. Methods, 32/4:347-348.
Training                     Name                                        Current Position
1992 - 1995               Caretha Creasy, PhD        Oncology Early Development Leader, GSK
1993 - 1996               Diane Ambrose                   Clin. Res. Ctr. UMDNJ
1997 - 1998               Robert Louden                    Assoc. Teaching Professor, Dept. of Biology, Drexel University
1997 – 2002             Melissa Reeder                   Cell Pathways
1998 – 2005             Shrikrishna Dadke            VP, Biopharma, Vimta Labs Ltd, Hyderabad, India
2001 – 2006             Alexander Beeser             Asst. Prof. of Biology, Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas
2002 – 2005             Elena Sorokina                   Sr. Research Scientist, Univ. of Pennsylvania
2000 – 2007             Zahara Jaffer                      Asst. Dir., Technology Licensing, U. Florida
2001 – 2007              Clemens Hofman             Clinical Supply Chain Manager, Fisher Clinical Services, Freiburg, Germany
2001 – 2008              Sophie Cotteret                Clinical cytogeneticist & molecular biologist, Institut de Cancérologie (GRCC), Villejuif, France
2008 – 2010              Almudena Pacheco          Sr. Scientist, Summation Bio, Lab Central
2006 – 2011               Jenny Yip                                Director of Business Development, PhenoVista Biosciences
2006 – 2014             Luis Arias Romero              Assoc. Prof., Nat’l Cancer Inst. Mexico
2008 – 2018             Hoi Yee (Betty) Chow      Assoc. Prof., Sichuan University, China
2008 – 2018            Maria Radu                             Sr. Scientist, Merck
2008 – 2013             Sayanti Saha                          Director, Partnerships and Transformation, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
2008 – 2010            Christine Lightcap             Director, Integrated Product Development at PharmaLex
2012 – 2020              Tatiana Prudnikova          Investigator, GlaxoSmithKline
2014 – 2016              Daniela Araiza                     Research Associate, Fox Chase Cancer Center
2022 – present         “                                                 Assistant Research Professor
2018 – 2022              Cristina Uribe-Alvarez   Postdoctoral Associate
2022 – present         “                                                 Assistant Research Professor
2023 – present         Ramil Khusnutdinov       Postdoctoral Associate

Period                       Name                                 Current Position
1995 – 1999            Feng Liu                            Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
1999 – 2000          Olga Mitina                    University of Munich (Warmuth lab)
2003 – 2004         Mikhail Shepelev          Engelhardt Institute, Moscow
2006 – 2013          Dina Stepanova            Research Associate, Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow
2009 – 2016          Sonali Jalan                    Senior Scientist, Merck
2009 – 2014          Rachelle Kosoff            Principal Scientist, Translational Development, Century Therapeutics, LLC
2010 – 2014           Mollie Kelly                    Editor, Life Sciences, Cactus Communications
2011 – 2018           Galina Semenova         Postdoctoral Fellow, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
2018 – 2019           Cong Tao Zeng            Student, Sichuan University, China
2017 – 2023           Sofiia Karchugina       Graduate Student, RMSU, Chernoff Lab
2018 – 2023         Alexa Cannon              Graduate Student, Drexel University, Chernoff Lab
2018 – 2023    Konstantin Budagyan   Graduate Student, Drexel University, Chernoff Lab
2019 – present  Dorothy Benton          Graduate Student, Drexel University, Chernoff Lab
2019 – 2021        Gleb Abalakov               Postdoctoral Fellow, Temple University
1-2 high school and/or college student per year since 1992
1994 – 1997              Postdoctoral committee
1997 – present         Library committee
1997 – present         Seminars for medical oncology fellows (1x/yr)
1997 – present         Various promotion committees
1998 – present         Program Leader, Cancer Biology
1998 – 2000              Assisted Dr. Erica Golemis with setting up FCCC/RSMU sister-institution program
2001 – 2002              Leap-frog lecture series
2001 – present         FCCC/Ben Gurion University Program
2003 – present         FCCC/Drexel liaison
2003 – 2004              Vice President’s Advisory Board, Basic Science
2006 – 2008              Appointments & Promotions
2007 – present         ECOR Committee (Chair)
2009 – 2010              Search Committee (Chair), EPC Program
2010                           Faculty Senate Organizing Committee
2010 – 2011              Co-Leader, EPC Keystone Program
2012 – 2014              Temple/FCCC Science Integration Committee (Co-chair)
2015 – present         FCCC Internal Advisory Board
2013 – 2022              Nominations Committee (Chair)
1995                           “Signal Transduction” (Postdoctoral course at FCCC)
1997, 1998                “Signaling to the Cytoskeleton” (Physiology Course, Marine Biology Lab, Woods Hole
2001 – 2005              “Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatases” University of Pennsylvania BMB-550
2005 – present         “Protein Kinases” Drexel University SOM
2005 – present         “Lipid Kinases and Rho Proteins” Drexel University SOM
2013 – 2014              “Protein Kinases” University of Pennsylvania BMB-633
1978 - 1984               Medical Scientist Training Grant
1989 - 1991               PHS NRSA Postdoctoral Grant
1993 - 1998               NIH 1 R01 CA58836: “A Tumor Suppressing Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase”
1998 - 2003               NIH 1 R01 CA58836: “A Tumor Suppressing Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase”
2003 - 2008               NIH 1 R01 CA58836: “A Tumor Suppressing Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase”
1993 - 1996               Council for Tobacco Research, #3480: “Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase as Signal Transduction Probes”
1993 - 1996               W.W. Smith Foundation #C9201: “Protein Required for Transformation by the v-src Gene”
1996 - 1997               Institutional Pilot Project Grant: “Genetic strategies for Identifying Proteins Involved in Cell Polarity Control
1997 - 2001               NIH 1 R01 GM54168: “Regulation of p21-activated Kinases”
1997 - 2000               American Cancer Society, #CB-189: “Protein Kinases that Regulate Cell Shape and Polarity”   
2000 - 2002               American Cancer Society, #CB-189: “Protein Kinases that Regulate Cell Shape and Polarity”
2002 - 2004               American Cancer Society, #CB-189: “Protein Kinases that Regulate Cell Shape and Polarity “
1997- 2002                Leukemia Society of America (Scholar): #1005-98
2004 - 2006               PA Tobacco Formula Grant: “Assessing HER-2 Targets in Breast Cancer”
2005 - 2007               DOD: NR050032: “Identification of Protein Kinases Required for NF2 Signaling”
2007 - 2008               CTF: 2007B-05-003 “Synthetic lethal screen of FDA-approved drugs in NF2”
2005 - 2009               DOD: NF050030: “Analysis of p21-Activated Kinase Function in Neurofibromatosis Type 2” - $1,200,000 direct costs
2008 - 2010               Seed Grant: FCCC “Identification of key signaling enzymes required for embryonic stem cell pluripotent” - $150,000 direct costs
2009 - 2010               CTF: 2009A-05-002: “Use of Induced Progenitor Stem Cells to Treat NF1” - $30,000 direct costs
2008 - 2011               American Asthma Foundation: “p21-Activated Kinase-1 as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Asthma” - $750,000 direct costs
2007 - 2012               NIH 1 R01CA117884-8: “Function of p21-activated Kinases” - $1,050,000 direct costs
2010 - 2012               DOD NF093118: “Role of p21-Activated Protein Kinases in Neurofibromatosis 2 - $174,500 total costs (H.Y Chow, postdoctoral fellowship)
2011 - 2012               SPORE pilot project: “p21-activted kinases as therapeutic targets in ovarian cancer - $50,000 total costs
2008 - 2012               BSF: 2007038 “Spatio-temporal regulation of p21-actiated kinases (Pak) in a T cell model system” - $180,000 direct costs
2010 - 2012               DOD NF093039: “Use of Induced Progenitor Stem Cells to Treat NF1” - $150,000 direct costs
2010 - 2013               DOD BC097800: “Role of PTP1B in HER2 Signaling in Breast Cancer” - $523,000 total costs (S. Saha, postdoctoral fellowship)
2011 - 2013               CTF Preclinical Consortium Center: “Preclinical drug testing in NF2” - $250,000 total costs
2014 - 2017               DOD NF130108: “Testing the Role of p21-Activated Kinases in Schwannoma Formation Using a Novel Genetically Engineered Murine Model that Closely Phenocopies Human NF2 Disease” - $575,000 direct costs
2016 - 2017               Breast Cancer Alliance Exceptional Project Grant: “Dissecting a Breast Cancer Amplicon using CRISPR/Cas” - $100,000 direct costs
2015 - 2018               ACS 122275-IRG-92-027-18-IRG: “Institutional Research Grant” - $180,000 direct costs
2015 - 2020               NIH 1 R01 CA142928: “p21-Activated Kinases as New Therapeutic Targets in Neurofibromatosis Type 1” - $1,125,000 direct costs
2016 - 2021               NIH 1 R01 CA148805: “The Role of p21-Activated Kinases in Malignant Mesothelioma” - $1,200,000 direct costs
2018 - 2023               NIH 1 R01 CA227184: “Targeting the Rac1 Signaling Pathway in Malignant Melanoma” - $1,250,000 direct costs
2018 - 2020               Melanoma Research Foundation: “RAC1 mutant melanoma: models and therapeutics” - $200,000 direct costs
2020 - 2023               NIH 1 R01 NS066927 (Jun Li, PI): “Pathophysiology of Conduction Blocks in HNPP” (subcontract from Vanderbilt) - $66,000 direct costs
2016 - 2021               NIH-T32-CA009035-41 (PI: Chernoff): “Training Program in Postdoctoral Research”
2016 - 2023               P30 CA006927 (PI: Fisher): “Comprehensive Cancer Center Program at Fox Chase”
2022 - 2023               PA Breast Cancer Alliance (PI: Chernoff): “Identifying and targeting key driver genes within a breast cancer amplicon” - $50,000 direct costs
2022 - 2023               Children’s Tumor Foundation (PI: Chernoff): “Evaluation of a PAK1-selective PROTAC, alone and with Hippo inhibitors, as a targeted therapy in NF2” - $40,000 direct costs
1999 - 2005               Journal of Biological Chemistry, Editorial Board
2008 - 2019               Molecular Biology of the Cell, Editorial Board
2015 - present          Cancer Biological Therapy, Editorial Board
2020 - present          Cancers
2021 - present          Cancer Biology Section, Oncology Gateway, F1000 Research
2022 - present          Aging and Cancer Research & Treatment
*Frequent reviewer: Nature Cell Biology, Science Signaling, Molecular Cell, Current Biology, Journal of Cell Biology, Molecular Cellular Biology, Oncogene, and PNAS

1999 - 2000               Ad hoc reviewer for CDB-2 (now MBY-3)
1999 - 2000               ACS Cell Signaling and Metastasis
2002                           DOD NF panel A
2005                           The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
1999 - 2002               Tobacco Related Disease Research Program, CA
2005 - 2007               Tobacco Related Disease Research Program, CA
2008-                          NIH R13 review panel
1998 & 2003             Program Project Grant - University of Virginia PPG “Signaling in time and Space”
2007                           Program Project Grant - University of North Carolina PPG “Biosensors for Sensitive Multiplex Analysis of Endogenous Proteins”
2007                           Program Project Grant - University of Wisconsin PPG “Low molecular weight GTPases in vascular biology”
2007                           Children’s Tumor Foundation - Drug Discovery Initiative Award (Co-chair)
2008 – 2011              New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research
2009 – present         AIRC - Italian Association for Cancer Research
2010                           Member, College of CSR Reviewers
2010 – 2012              DOD NFRP Integration panel
2013 – present         Fundación La Murato de TV3 (Spain)
2013                           Austrian Science Fund
2013 – present         La Caixa (Spain)
2013                           CCSG site visits: Masonic CCC, JAXCC
2015                           NIH Outstanding Investigators panel (R35)
2016                           AACR Basic Cancer Research Fellowships Scientific Review Committee
2016                           NIH Provocative Question (PQ6) panel
2018                           CCSG site visit: Hollings CC (MUSC)
2018                           NIDDK Board of Scientific Counselors Review
2019                           AACR Outstanding Investigator Award for Breast Cancer Research Selection Committee
2020                           Melanoma Research Foundation
2021                           DOD Neurofibromatosis, CET-1 panel
2021                           Chair, DOD Melanoma Research Program, CMB-2 panel
2022                           Children’s Tumor Foundation - Drug Discovery Initiative Award
2022                           Chair, DOD Neurofibromatosis, CET-1 panel
2022                           FWO (Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) Vlaanderen, Belgium
2022                           Chair, DOD Melanoma Research Program, CMB-2 panel
2023                           AACR Small Molecule Therapeutic Agents Section of the Experimental Therapeutics Subcommittee of the Program Committee
2023                           CCSG Site visit: CINJ
2004 - 2011         Scientific Advisory Board: Nexgenix Pharmaceuticals
2008 - 2013         Genentech
2008 - 2011         Novartis              
2011 - 2016         NYU Cancer Institute EAB
2012 - 2014         Case Western Cancer Signaling Program EAB
2013 - 2017         Scientific Advisory Boards: Tarsa, Pharma-Arava, Enteris
2017 - present    External Advisory Board: U. Miami Epigenetics T32
2019 - 2020         Novo-Nordisk
2019 - present    Scientific Advisory Board: NF2 BioSolutions
2021 - present    BloodQ
2022 - present    Metastyx
(unrecorded prior to 1996)
March 1996               Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Canada
April 1996                  Merck, West Point, PA
June 1996                 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
October 1996            Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
October 1996            Washington University, St Louis, MO
December 1996       University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
May 1997                  Cold Spring Harbor meeting on Tyrosine Phosphorylation - Invited Speaker
July 1997                   Marine Biology Lab, Woods Hole, MA
July 1997                   Astra Zeneca
October 1997            Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA
January 1998            Merck, West Point, PA
May 1998                  Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD
June 1998                 Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Boston, MA
July 1998                   Marine Biology Lab, Woods Hole, MA
August 1998              Salk Institute meeting on Tyrosine Phosphorylation - Invited Speaker
October 1998            University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Invited by Graduate Students)
November 1998        Indiana University School of Medicine (Invited by Graduate Students)
November 1998        Medical Research Institute, Indianapolis, IN
December 1998        Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, NY
January 1999            Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague, Czech Republic
February 1999          National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD
February 1999          Astra Zeneca
March 1999               FASEB: Small GTPases, Santé Fe, NM - Invited Speaker
April 1999                  M.D. Anderson, Houston, TX
May 1999                  Onyx Pharmaceuticals, CA
July 1999                   Englehart Conference, Moscow, Russia. Invited Speaker
July 1999                   FASEB: Protein Kinases and Phosphorylation, Snowmass CO - Invited Speaker
November 1999        Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
February 2000          MCP Hahnemann, Philadelphia, PA
April 2000                  The Picower Institute, NY
May 2000                  Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
May 2000                  Onyx Pharmaceuticals, CA
May 2000                  Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 2000                  Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research London, UK
May 2000                  Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Munich, Germany
July 2000                   FASEB: The Ras Superfamily of Small GTP-binding Proteins, Snowmass CO - Invited Speaker
March 2001               Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, NY
April 2001                  Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
April 2001                  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC
April 2001                  Morphochem Inc., Princeton, NJ
May 2001                  Sugen, Inc., S. San Francisco, CA
July 2001                   Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel
August 2001              Gordon Conference: Mechanisms of Cell Signalling, Oxford UK - Invited Speaker
August 2001              Karolinska Institute, Huddinge, Sweden
November 2001        University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
March 2002               Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, NY
April 2002                  University Medical and Dental College of New Jersey, Newark, NJ
May 2002                  University of California, Los Angeles, CA
July 2002                   FASEB: Small G protein Networks in Cell Dynamics, Snowmass CO - Invited Speaker
October 2002            Stony Brook, NY
October 2002            Long Island Jewish Hospital, NY
October 2002            Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, NY
June 2003                 Gordon Conference: Mechanisms of Cell Signaling, Ventura, CA - Invited Speaker
September 2003      Mt. Sinai School of Medicine; MD. Ph.D. retreat
December 2003        University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
February 2004          Mt. Sinai School of Medicine; MD. Ph.D. dinner, NY, NY
April 2004                  University of Florida, Tampa, FL
July 2004                   FASEB: Small G Protein Networks in Cell Dynamics, Snowmass CO - Invited Speaker
November 2004        Columbia University, NY, NY
December 2004        Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY
February 2005          University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
April 2005                  New York University, NY, NY
June 2005                 Gordon Conference: Mechanisms of Cell Signaling, Hong Kong, China - Vice-Chair
September 2005      University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK
November 2005        Banbury Conference: Barriers & Solutions in the Use of Mouse Models to Develop Therapeutic Strategies for NF1 and NF2 - Associated Tumors - Invited Speaker
December 2005        Wayne State, Michigan, Detroit, MI
May 2006                  University of California, Riverside, CA
May 2006                  Scripps University, La Jolla, CA
May 2006                  University of South Dakota, Sioux Falls, SD
May 2006                  Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Pearl River, NY
July 2006                   FASEB: Small G Protein Networks in Cell Dynamics, Saxtons River VT - Vice-Chair
October 2006            University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
February 2007          Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel, Dozer Lecturer
February 2007          Tel Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel
March 2007               University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
September 2007      Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
September 2007      University of Gent, Gent, Belgium
September 2007      Gordon Conference: Mechanisms of Cell Signaling, Oxford, UK - Chair
September 2007      Oxford University, Oxford, UK
October 2007            Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
November 2007        University of Illinois School of Medicine, Chicago, IL
April 2008                  Genentech, San Francisco, CA
May 2008                  Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
May 2008                  University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
June 2008                 Weis Center for Research, Danville, PA
July 2008                   FASEB: Regulation and Function of Small GTPases, Saxtons River VT - Invited Speaker
September 2008      New York University, NY, NY
October 2008            University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
January 2009            Novartis, Emeryville, CA
August 2009             Gordon Conference: Mechanisms of Cell Signaling, Oxford, UK - Invited Speaker
October 2009            Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
October 2009            Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
March 2010               Novartis, Emeryville, CA
March 2010               Genentech, San Francisco, CA
March 2010               Case Western, Cleveland, OH
May 2010                  Mt Sinai School of Medicine, NY, NY
May 2010                  University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
May 2010                  American Asthma Foundation, San Francisco, CA
June 2010                 Neurofibromatosis Conference, Baltimore, MD - Session Chair
June 2010                 Russian Academy of Science conference: Control of Gene Expression, Moscow, Russia - Session Chair
July 2010                   FASEB: Protein Kinases and Phosphorylation, Snowmass, CO - Invited Speaker
October 2010            University of West Virginia, Morgantown, WV
May 2011                  Genentech, San Francisco, CA
June 2011                 FASEB: Regulation and Function of Small GTPases, Saxtons River, VT - Invited Speaker
November 2011        Case Western, Cleveland, OH
February 2012          Commonwealth Medical College, Scranton, PA
March 2012               Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY, NY
May 2012                  Genentech, San Francisco, CA
June 2012                 Neurofibromatosis Conference, New Orleans, LA - Invited Speaker
June 2012                 Rutgers University School of Medicine, Piscataway, NJ
July 2012                   University of Utah, Provo, UT (two lectures)
September 2012      University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
September 2012      Duke University, Durham, NC
October 2012            Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
December 2012        McGill University, Montreal, Canada
January 2013           Astra-Zeneca, Boston, MA
March 2013               New York University, MD/PhD retreat, Stowe, VT - Keynote Speaker
June 2013                 FASEB: Regulation and Function of Small GTPases, Snowmass, CO - Invited Speaker
July 2013                   Albert Einstein Medical School, NY, NY
September 2013      National Cancer Institute of Mexico, Mexico City (two lectures) - Distinguished Speaker
November 2013        PDDI Annual Drug Discovery Awards, Doylestown, PA - Keynote Presentation
December 2013        Temple University, Sol Sherry Thrombosis Center, Philadelphia, PA
March 2014               Perlmutter Cancer Center, NYU, NY, NY
April 2014                  AACR, San Diego, CA - Targeting Rho GTPases and Their Kinases Effectors - Educational Session Chair
May 2014                  Ohio State Cancer Center, Columbus, OH
May 2014                  University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
May 2014                  Karolinska Institute, Huddinge, Sweden
June 2014                 Neurofibromatosis Conference, Washington, DC - Invited Speaker
June 2014                 Biomedicine Research unit (UBIMED), Mexico City, Mexico - Plenary Lecture
January 2015            Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, SC
April 2015                  Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
June 2015                 FASEB: Regulation and Function of Small GTPases, Palm Beach, FL - Invited Speaker
January 2016            Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
February 2016          Temple University School of Medicine, Administrative Forum, Philadelphia, PA
February 2016          Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
March 2016               Yale University School of Medicine, Grand Rounds, New Haven, CT
May 2016                  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
September 2016      Temple University School of Medicine, Translational Day Award Lecture
February 2017          University of Miami, Miami, FL
May 2017                  Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Frederick, MD
May 2017                  Puerto Rico INBRE and COBRE Scientific Symposium, San Juan, PR - Invited Speaker
June 2017                 FASEB: Regulation and Function of Small GTPases, Palm Beach, FL - Invited Speaker; Session Chair
August 2017              Albert Einstein Medical School, NY, NY
November 2017        Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson, Grand Rounds, Philadelphia, PA
February 2018          RISE program seminar, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
April 2018                  UBIMED, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
April 2018                  Instituto deQuimica, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
July 2018                   Biochemical Society: Small G proteins in cellular signaling and disease, Cambridge, UK - Invited Speaker
August 2018              Coriell Institute, Camden, NJ
September 2018      American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 2018, Frontiers in RAS Pathobiology and Drug Discovery Special Symposium, Stratton, VT - Invited Speaker
March 2019               UC Davis Cancer, Sacramento, CA
May 2019                  Fundacion Ramon Areces: The RAS superfamily and related pathways in healthy and disease, Santander, Spain - Invited Speaker
June 2019                 Simposium Avances Biomedicos en Cancer y Enfermedades Cronico Degenerativas XV ANIVERSARIO UNIDAD DE BIOMEDICINA Facultad de Estudios Superiores Iztacala, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico - Invited Speaker
October 2019            1st Pak symposium, NY, NY - Keynote Speaker
November 2019        University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
January 2020            Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Annual Retreat, Philadelphia PA - Keynote Speaker
February 2021          Turning Point Therapeutics (via Zoom)
November 2021        Turning Point Therapeutics (via Zoom)
February 2022          MPM Capital (via Zoom)
April 2022                  Panel Speaker, Children’s Tumor Foundation NF2/SWN Workshop (via Zoom)
June 2022                 FASEB: Regulation and Function of Small GTPases, Saxtons River, Vermont - Invited Speaker
September 2022      Biochemical Society: Small G proteins in cellular signaling and disease, Liverpool, UK - Invited Speaker
November 2023        Mexican Society for Biochemistry: Signal Transduction, Ensenada Baja California - Keynote Speaker