Sebastian Duque

Sebastian Duque (he/they) is a senior in Branford double majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science. He was born in the Andean city of Pereira, Colombia but has lived most of his life in Miami, FL. Growing up in a city at the frontlines of climate change, he developed an interest in environmental law, policy, and justice out of his love for nature and care for his community. At Yale, Sebastian is the former co-President of the Yale Student Environmental Coalition, has produced and written multiple plays, has worked as a Peer Liaison at the Office of LGBTQ Resources, and currently works at the Yale Farm as a Farm Manager. He is also currently working part-time at the Environmental Protection Agency, and, of course, as Branford’s co-head Aide. You can find him sipping on coffees throughout New Haven coffee shops, seeking out new records for his vinyl collection, or enjoying sunny days outside with his friends. Feel free to reach out to him, he’d be more than happy to go on a short hike up East Rock or get a little snack or tea to chat.