Valentina Greco

Valentina Greco was born in Palermo, Italy and earned her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Palermo, Italy. She earned her PhD with Suzanne Eaton at the EMBL/MPI-CBG, Germany (1998-2002) and her post-doc with Elaine Fuchs at the Rockefeller University (2003-2009). Dr. Greco is currently an Associate Professor in the Genetics, Cell Biology and Dermatology Departments, and a member of the Yale Stem Cell Center and Yale Cancer Center at the Medical School of Yale University (2009-present).

The Greco Lab focuses on trying to understand how stem cells and their environment contribute to organ regeneration, and how deviation from steady state are dealt by the tissue tracking the same cells over time in live mice. This work has provided unprecedented insights into tissue regeneration, which relies upon the coordinated activation of resident stem cells and their environment, and into key signaling pathways controlling dynamic stem cell behaviors and decisions.

Dr. Greco was the recipient of the 2014 ISSCR-BD Biosciences Outstanding Young Investigator Award, is co-chair of the ISSCR Junior Investigators Committee and a board member of the ISSCR. She is also the recipient of the 2014 Women in Cell Biology Junior Award (WICB) for Excellence in Research from the American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB), the 2015 Robertson Stem Cell Investigator Award from the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF).