Branford Fellows

Branford College has an active and enthusiastic Fellowship. Branford’s Fellowship includes Fellows (distinguished Faculty and Staff at the University) and Associate Fellows (often Branford alum or people who have made important contributions to New Haven and the larger society).

Fellows meetings for 2016-2017 are:
September 29th
October 27th
November 17th
December 8th
January 19th
February 16th
April 20th

Fellows Profiles

Below are profiles of members of Branford College’s Fellowship, along with their general interest.

Please note that this page is currently undergoing updates. Additional profiles will be available shortly. Thank you!

Ron Adelman (Medicine; Ophthalmology)
Jean-Christophe Agnew (History; American Studies)
Jay Ague (Geology & Geophysics)
Nancy Ahern
Nancy Ahlstrom
William Aseltyne
Andrea Asnes (Medicine)
Alfredo Axtmayer (Medicine)
Eleanor Babbitt (Alumni Association)
Arthur Baer (Finance)
Andrew Barron (Statistics)
Mark Bauer (English)
Burkhard Bilger (Writer)
Harry Blair (Political Science)
Paul Bloom (Psychology)
Max Blum (Choral)
Stephen Blum (Finance)
Renee Bollier
Sandra Boltax-Stern (Psychology)
Catharine Bond Hill (President of Vassar)
Gregory Bonenberger (Law; Music)
Edward Bottomly (Interior Design)
Emile Boulpaep (Cellular & Molecular Physiology)
Dominique Bourassa (Library Sciences)
Michael Bracken (Medicine)
Elizabeth Bradley (Public Health; Global Health)
John Bradley (Social Services)
April Capone (City/State Liaison)
Elizabeth Carroll (Yale College Dir Edu Studies)
Hannah Carroll (Yale Business Operations)
Anees Chagpar (Medicine)
Timothy Chegwidden (Wine importer)
Frances Clark
Stockton Clark (Non-Profit)
Nicole Kho Clay (Biology)
Ray Clemens (Beinecke)
Andrew Cohen (Medicine)
Lawrence Cohen (Medicine)
Ellen Cohn (Franklin Papers)
Judith Colton (History of Art)
Earl Conti
Nicholas Conway
Leslie Curry (Public Health)
Mark Custer (Library Tech Services)
Jessica David (British Art Ctr)
Worth David (Former Master)
Iain Dawson (Biology)
Mayur Desai (Public Health)
Saveena Dhall (Asian American Cultural Center)
Carol Dhawan
Satish Dhawan (Physics)
Michael Dobbs (Community Service, Finance, Performing Arts Production)
Anne Dropick 
Edwin Duval (French)
Amber Edwards (Documentaries; Filmmaking)
Menache Elimelech (Environmental Engineering)
William English (Finance)
Tara Eyma (Psychiatry)
Anne Fadiman (Writing)
Lynne Farrell (Law/Education)
Alden Ferro (Editing)
John Fisher (Classics; Literature)
Bonnie Fleming (Physics)
William Folberth (Business)
John Ford (News Anchor)
Gillian Forrester (British Art Ctr)
Roberta Frank (English)
Belmont Freeman (Architecture)
Joanne Freeman (History)
Myron Genel (Medicine)
Connie Gersick (Women in Leadership; Human Resources and Organizational Behavior)
Kelin Gersick (Organizational Psychology; Psychology; Consulting)
Nate Gibbons (Printing Press, Art)
Jane Gillis (Beinecke)
Nina Glickson (Former Assoc Master)
James Godwin (Naval ROTC)
Alessandro Gomez (Mechanical Engineering)
John Stuart Gordon (Art; American design)
Thomas Griggs (Business)
Maria Gutierrez (International Programs; Art & Archaeology)
Mustafa Haid
Valerie Hansen
Leslie Harkema (Spanish)
Verity Harte (Philosophy)
Marketa Havlickova (Math)
Hannan Hever (Judaic Studies)
Joy Hirsch (Psychiatry; Neurobiology)
Denise Ho (Chinese history)
Charles “Robin” Hogen (Communications)
Robert Horwitz (Psychology)
A. Sarah Hreha (Gruber Foundation)
Marcia Inhorn (Anthropology; International Affairs)
Sarah Insley
Anjani Jain
Mary Dillon Johnson
Jutta Joormann (Psychology)
Thomas Kavanagh (French Literature)
Hilary Kawall
Stephen Kellert (Forestry & Environmental Studies)
Jeffrey Kenney (Astronomy)
Kaveh Khoshnood (Global Health; Public Health)
Jenna Kim (Ophthalmology)
Martin Klein (Public Health)
Jeffrey Koplan (Medicine)
Samuel Kortum (Physics)
Linda Kulman (Journalism)
Azamat Kumykov (Business)
Anthony Lavely (Restaurant industry)
Keith Light (Admissions/Higher Education) 
Haifan Lin (Biology)
Lainie Lipsher (Development)
Lawrence Lipsher (Management/Finance)
Zachary Liscow (Law)
Francis Lobo (Medicine)
Henry Lord (Business)
Vivien Lu
Felix Lui (Medicine)
Nancy Lyon (Sterling LIbrary Archivist)
Jocelyn Malkin (Psychiatry)
Vincent Marchesi (Biology)
Mindy Marks (Alumni, Psychology)
James Mayer
Sandra Mayerson (Law)
James Mazer (Neurobiology; Psychology)
Sean McAvoy (Development)
Thomas McCarthy (Air Force ROTC)
Dave McCoart (Culinary)
Thomas McGlashan (Psychiatry)
Tom Melcher (Technology start-ups, career mentoring, theater)
Carol Merriman (Former Assoc Master)
John Merriman (History; Former Master)
Hope Metcalf (Law)
Christopher Miller (International Security Studies)
Alastair Minnis (English)
Nuno Monteiro (Political Science)
David Monz (Law)
Judith Moore
Arvin Murch (Development)
Laura Niklason (Vascular Biology; Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering)
Indra Nooyi (Management)
Dara Norwood (Admissions; Education)
David Novicki (Medicine)
Sarah Nuland
Marcella Nunez-Smith (Global Health; Medicine)
Edward O’Brien (Government)
Eileen O’Connor (Communications)
Gene Outka (Philosophy)
Annabel Patterson (English)
Stephen Peterson
Danilo Petranovich
Christian Pettker (Medicine)
Lauren Pinzka (French)
Christopher Pittenger (Psychiatry)
Vincent Pitts
Leopold Pospisil (Anthropology)
Richard Powers (Business, College Seminar Instr)
Maya Prabhu
Zheala Qayyum
John Rice
Joseph Roach (Theater; English; African American Studies)
Susanne Roberts (Library Sciences)
Fernande Ross
Sheilah Rostow (Community Service; Non-Profit organizations)
Abby Roth (Law; Government)
James Rothman (Cell Biology)
Andrew Rubenoff (Event Coordinator)
Sharon Ruwart (Non-Profit management, career mentoring, theater)
Tori Rysz (Development)
Basmah Safdar (Medicine)
Maurice Samuels (French)
Martin Saunders (Chemistry)
Ellen Scalettar (Government)
​Gloria Schaffer (Government)
Mark Schenker (Sr Assoc Dean Yale College)
Carol Schreiber
Eric Schorr (Playwright, Composer)
Richard Shank (Electrical engineering)
Eugene Shapiro (Medicine)
Joseph Shapiro (Economics)
Cicero Silva (Medicine)
John Sinard (Pathology)
Richard Skolnik (Public Health, SOM)
Emma Sky (Global Affairs)
Steven Smith (Political Science; Former Master)
Susan Smith (Former Assoc Master)
Stephanie Spangler (Public Health; Medicine)
Adam Spivack (Psychiatry)
Eliyahu Stern (Judaic Studies)
Thomas Stewart (Psychiatry)
Paul Stonehart
Fred Strebeigh (Writing)
Thomas Styron (Psychiatry)
Hiro Suzuki (Sports)
Barry Svigals (Architecture)
Molleen Theodore (Yale Art Gallery)
Katie Thibodeau (Yale Development)
Jack Thomas (Theater production)
Vic Tolentino (Law; Healthcare; International Students)
Federico Vaca (Medicine)
Flora Vaccarino (Psychiatry; Neurobiology; Child Stdy Ctr)
Josephina van Wolfswikel
George Veronis (Geophysics)
JoAnn Viellette-Stonehart
David Walker (Medicine)
Piotr Wandycz
Merle Waxman (Career Development)
Stephen Waxman (Neuroscience)
Marney White (Psychology/Public Health)
Evan Wilson (International Security Studies)
Anders Winroth (History)
Gui Woolston (Business; Economics)
Jonas Zdanys (Poetry; Lithuanian literature)
George Zdru (Architecture; Facilities Planning)
Heping Zhang (Biostatistics)
Lauren Zucker (Community Affairs)

Resident Fellows

Branford’s Resident Fellows reside in the College and serve as a great resource for Branford students.

James E. Rothman, Ph.D. and his wife, Joy Hirsch, Ph.D.

Professor James Rothman is the Chairman of the Department of Cell Biology in the medical school and the Director of the Biodesign Institute on the West campus, and also a professor of Chemistry. He is a graduate of Branford, studied physics at Yale, biochemistry at Harvard, and his research concerns the mechanism of synaptic transmission in the brain. Jim’s wife, Joy Hirsch, is a professor of Neuroscience at Columbia and an expert in functional brain imaging.  They are happy to meet with any Branford students interested in science or medicine, and to facilitate research opportunities at Yale or elsewhere.

Stephen “Steve” Blum

Steve Blum is Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives (Yale/AYA). Steve is also a graduate of Yale (Branford, BA/Economics) and parent of Branford alumni Rebecca and Max. After graduating, Steve got his Master’s degree in Accounting from NYU/Stern. Before coming back to Yale a few years ago, Steve (a CPA) was a partner at KPMG and then Managing Director at Burnham Financial Group. He loves traveling, racket sports, games-playing, and reading Sci-Fi and alternate histories.